Volunteering at Mercy Centre

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Two days ago, I went over to Mercy Centre to have a little chat with the staff about starting my volunteer work there. I'm going to be tutoring two lovely kids to learn English 3 days a week. I'm so excited!

I actually started working yesterday and met one of the kids. She's a sweet 11-year-old Thai girl. Her English is very good already so during the session, she read a few books out loud and I helped her with words she couldn't pronounce or understand. We also took breaks and played some hangman haha. It was a productive, fun one and a half hour session. I'll be back there tomorrow, and hopefully meet the 6-year-old boy too.

I didn't take any photos because I was more focused on what the staff were saying hah; but my parents did. Here are the photos from the first day we went there :)

My dad, Father Joe Maier, me, my sister, Father Arnon, Kristine (volunteer coordinator)

Nap time for the kids aw :')

They're so cute!

On the way

For more information on Mercy Centre:
Website: www.mercycentre.org/
100/11 Kae-ha Klong Toey 4,
Dhamrongratthaphiphat Rd.,
Klong Toey,
Bangkok 10110 Thailand

"The Human Development Foundation works to help the children and communities in many of the disadvantages slums of Bangkok. Together with their neighbours the HDF create simple-but-progressive solutions that touch the lives of thousands of the poor every day. The HDF: build and operate schools improve family health and welfare protect street children's rights combat the AIDS crisis, respond to daily emergencies, and offer shelter to orphans, to street children, and to children and adults with AIDS."
With love,


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  1. that's gonna be a beautiful experience. I wish I could do the same. I've been looking for places, but I might not be suitable for it, the fact that I am not thai and I can't speak thai :(


    1. Heyhey, you could totally volunteer here too! You don't need to be Thai nor speak Thai. My tutee told me her past tutors are all foreigners :)

      Feel free to email Kristine, the volunteer coordinator, for more information: kristine@mercycentre.org

    2. oh heavens! thank you! is it far from bang wa? how long is the trip? Maybe you and me can go somewhere else, and blog about it :D

    3. Ah I just googled it and it roughly takes about 30-40 mins from Bang Wa to Mercy Centre by car. (It takes around 20-ish mins from my place.)

      Omigosh I'd totally be up for that xD How can I contact/chat with you?

    4. do you have facebook? i can add you :D

    5. Yess, my facebook link is at the top of my blog :)

  2. Wow, this looks like it will be such a great and heartwarming experience, for both you and the kids. Let us know how it goes :)
    Emily | Always Emily

    1. I started tutoring them for 2 days now, and it really is a great experience. The kids are soo adorable! :') I'll blog about the whole experience once summer holiday ends and I go back to England :D

  3. Are you Thai too? I've been to Thailand and fell in love with the country. It's nice to hear the locals try to speak English to communicate with me and they look so happy when I say some of the Thai phrases.

    1. Yes I'm Thai :) Mhmm I don't know why but we do get excited when foreigners speak our language haha! You should come visit again some day Alissa :D

  4. Hey Nicole! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Just wanted to say you look so lovely in your dress ^^ <3

    I followed you on bloglovin and google+

    Let me know if you'd like to follow back ^^

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

    1. Awh thank you Lauren :) I followed you back on both sites, and I really like your blog!