Tasty Thai Food & Gorgeous Restaurant: LukKaiThong Royal Cooking

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A few weeks ago, my parents hosted a big get-together with our relatives at this gorgeous restaurant called LukKaiThong Royal Cooking. (Luk Kai Thong -pronounced 'loog-gai-tong'- literally means "Golden Baby Chick")

The place is so beautifully decorated with green plants and magnificent furniture. They serve so many delicious Thai food and other oriental dishes. Everyone was soo full by the time dessert came (but of course we always have room for desserts right? XD)
Just look at them attractive bird cage-like designs and mini garden, oh my <3
Full tables = fantastic restaurant :D
Our private room

It was raining but you also get this pretty view of Bangkok!
You can press this button to call the waiters; the bell rings as a rooster "cockadoodledoo". Fun stuff!
This appetizer, a hot croissant, TASTES HEAVENLY. They use a mixture of croissant and bread flour/dough.
Home made smoked duck breast
Fried pork with sticky rice - check out the lil' Thai elephants holding the food tho awhh
"3 Countries Hors D'euvre"
Coconot palm tip spicy salad
Waitress serving "Stew Pork Belly Streamed Streaky Pork and Vegetable"..
Fried river prawns with fresh garlic
Stir fried Pomfret fish with Japanese Mushroom
Hong Kong fried rice noodle with pork and prawn
French Roti with Thai Ceylon Milk Tea - IT'S THE BOMB!
Pang Cha LukKaiThong Royal (shaved ice & bread with Thai Ceylon Milk Tea & various tasty toppings) - I had a foodgasm. For real.
Me and lil' sister hehe ^^
These were only some of the dishes that we ate. I didn't post everything~ You could say we had a huge feast that evening haha. It was really nice to catch up with cousins while devouring delicious food :)

My rating: ●●●●◐(4.5/5)
The restaurant looks very elegant and the food is just as amazing. The waiters and waitresses were professional and polite. One thing tho - I wished they would smile more haha but that's okay, it must be tiring to serve so many dishes to so many people at once. I would totally recommend this place if you're looking for a fantastic Thai & oriental meal at a beautiful restaurant :) Perfect for any special occasion!

LukKaiThong Royal Cooking:
6th floor, The Helix Quartier, The Emquartier
Sukhumvit Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana
Bangkok, Thailand

Website: www.lukkaithong.com/index.php
(They have the menu -with photos!- & other branches locations on their site ^^)

With love,


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  1. You were right, the place is so elegant. I'm not sure if I can afford that haha. It's kinda awesome to have the roster ringing bell hahaha

    Dice, '96 Wild Heart

    1. We haven't pressed the bell ourselves but saw other people doing it haha cx

  2. That restaurant looks so lovely and fancy haha I'd love to visit that place sometime!
    By the way, I've just followed your lovely blog~ I'd love it if you could follow back!
    Lets keep in touch <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    1. Come! Hehe. And thanks, I followed you back

  3. This reminds me of the upscale restaurants here.. I'm guessing that the food is also expensive? Is the serving big enough to share for two people (please please please I hope it is lol)? Like what's the price range? Just so I am prepared.. hahaha. On the other hand, who cares that it is a bit expensive - I still want it anyway! I am salivating at the HK fried rice noodle with pork and prawn, desserts, croissant, thai noodles in the menu. AAH!!!!

    This is going straight to my must dine-in places for my next BKK trip. ;) Join me? Lol.

    1. My parents ordered the big serving size for each table (around 8 people). I don't know about the single dishes that people normally order but I think it should be enough to share for 2 people haha. As for the price, to be honest I don't know the exact range lol because they didn't write it on the menu. Oh, except for the drinks - one glass is 115+ baht. Yeah, it is more on the high price side.

      Yess I'd love to join you hehe, let me know when you wanna go :3

  4. OMG FOOD! looks like you're having a great time with your family Nana ^_^ <3
    I loved Thailand when I went! I definitely need to go back one day! <3

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  5. I literally just clicked the link to see if it has a branch here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, they don't. T.T I love how classy and elegant this place is - especially the private room! I've been looking for a place like this but so far, I only see this on 4-star hotels here and it's very expensive. :(

    Mimi Gonzales | The Foxy Heroine

    1. Aww come to Thailand! There are tons of beautiful restaurants like this in Bangkok :3

  6. This is just so gorgeous! This just looks too expensive, but I think the Food is worth the pay :) I love the birdcage, it added the appeal. I love your photos, so detailed. I will visit Thailand soon! <3 Haha well, hopefully.

    Lou | wander-soul.net

    1. Mhmm I agree :) Yass please come soon!

  7. Aaah you are so lucky, Thailand is so beautiful! :D you have such a talent for food photography too! xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for a follow!

  8. I like your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know at my page:)



  9. The place looks gorgeous and the food looks delicious!!! Ahh now I feel extra hungry!

    xx www.jhanzey.net

  10. Just heard about the incident in BKK a few mins ago. Hope you're okay over there. :)

  11. The place looks amazing! and all that yummy food is making me hungry xDD
    Would you like you follow each other? ^^

  12. This restaurant is so beautiful, you must feel like a princess sitting at that table! x) It looks like the perfect place to catch up with relatives and eat yummy food (which is the perfect combination, isn't it? :p), and indeed, the food does look awesome!

    http://thepetiteandrea.blogspot.fr/ (formerly andrea-jinn@blogspot.fr - yay it's me! xD)

    1. Yess it was nice to catch up with relatives here hehe :P

  13. The place looks so classy and pretty! And looking at the food makes me hungry right now. :D

    -Joyce | http://www.bitsofjoyce.com/

  14. The restaurant looks so elegant and classy! I wanna taste Pang Cha LukkaiThong Royal :3


    1. Yass it's the highlight of this meal haha XD Soo goood

    2. Yass it's the highlight of this meal haha XD Soo goood

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  16. The place looks incredible! My stomach hurls just fro the photos :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  17. This post makes my mouth water haha! Such classy restaurant. Hope you guys enjoyed your get together


  18. I'm so hungry right now ;-;
    I love your pictures! The restaurant has a gorgeous decoration and a very attractive food. :3

    Blog: http://mandykodama.blogspot.com.br