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Monday, August 10, 2015

A huge thank you to Bea from BCfactor for nominating me in the "Versatile Blogger Award" ♥ Do please check out her blog! She's got everything from fashion to hauls/skincare, and lots of fun stuff :D

Plus she makes really awesome videos on her youtube channel. Check out her latest video "Style Entry: Sporty Chic" ISN'T SHE THE CUTEST? Every time I read her blog or watch her videos, I feel so happy. Her smile and bubbly personality is contagious :3 *fangirling hard* XD


★ Thank the person that nominated you.
★ Include a link to their blog.
★ Nominate 15 bloggers that you've been keeping up with lately with the Versatile Blogger Award.
★ Let your nominees know that you have nominated them.
★ Provide 7 things about yourself.


1. Wengie is my favourite youtuber. SHE'S SO PRETTY AND ADORABLE. I loove her videos, personality, and everything about her. She also has a blog, and she's actually the one who inspired me to create my own blog. Can you believe she's 29?!

2. I cannot paint my nails to save my life. I can't. It gets so messy.  I fail as a girl LOL.

3. I've eaten raw BBQ. Yes you read that right. RAW BBQ. It was by accident of course XD Few years ago, my family was about to have BBQ outside, in a resort. It was already dark and I took a bite of one of the BBQs from the table, thinking it was already grilled. The cook came running to me saying that it wasn't cooked yet. So. Embarrassing. And Gross. *facepalm*

4. I'm a shortie. 161 cm short to be exact. My 12-year-old sister is gonna be taller than me soon haha T^T

5. I don't have a gag reflex. I found this out years ago when I tried to make myself throw up once because I felt guilty for eating too much. (Please don't do this, it's so unhealthy. I know better now.) I stuck my finger down my throat in every angle and depth. It didn't work. Am I abnormal? XD

6. I'm a big foodie. Food is love. Food is life. I love Japanese, Thai, Italian, Nepalese, and Korean food the most <3

7. My favourite anime is Sword Art Online. I love the storyline, characters, graphics EVERYTHING. I wish SAO (the game) or any virtual reality MMORPG exists in real life huhu.

Dear girls who I've tagged in the Love/Hate Tag, I nominate you for this award too (because your blogs are amazing and I seriously love them)! But I understand if you don't want to make another post because of me haha. Here are more awesome bloggers I nominate:

♡ Jenny from itsmeeejennyy
♡ Jhanz from The Yellow Pad Chronicles
♡ Hanh from Hanhabelle
♡ Tineey from Diary of a Wanderlust
♡ Alissa from The Wallflower Secrets
♡ Jean from La Petite Fawn
Badge by RG
Hope you enjoyed learning more about the girl behind this blog c:

With love,


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  1. EEEPPPP! I GOT SO HAPPY WHEN I SAW THIS <3 (yes, fangirling to each other) And I laughed so hard when you talked about your BBQ experience HAHAH It would have been more hilarious if you pretended to like it.

    BCfactor Blog

    1. Awwh hehe :3 Omg you're right LOOL I should have been like 'mMMmm raw meat tastes sao gooood, wanna try?' XD

  2. OMG i loveeee wengie too! her videos are the bomb! Her advice videos are the ones that gets me <3 and me too I can't believe she's 29! she ages so well XD

    And omg please don't even attempt to make yourself throw up again girl ! 0_0 hahaha I'm only 160cm too XD shortie asians ftw :D <3

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

    1. Yass she's my idol <33

      Ayy shorties ftw hehe :)

  3. Yay you're a shortie like me! xD I am actually 159 cm so, not even 160... My bestfriend has a 12 year old sister and she already is taller than me... ans she keeps bragging about it hahaha >_<
    And Wengie and SAO, yes yes and yes! :D

    I haven't had much time for bloging these days so I am just discovering this post and the fact that you tagged me, but I am probably doing the tag later when I have time :D


    1. I'm liking you more and more as I get to know you better via our blogs :') Don't worry, there's no rush to do this hehe, take your time ^^