A Day In My Life - Uni Student Edition

Sunday, December 13, 2015

As a uni student, my life is pretty.. unexciting. HAHA. But I thought it'd be pretty interesting to write about my daily routine and then come back to read this when I'm older & graduated from uni. Hope you enjoy this little journey with me!

This would be a typical weekday when my lectures start at 9 am and finish around 5 pm. Let's go! :D

- Prepare lectures & stuff for tomorrow
- Set alarms at 6:45 am (to try to wake up), 6:50 (to get my ass up if possible), 7:00 (to try again), 7:10 (NEED TA GET UPP), 7:30 (just in case I fall asleep.. again.. XD)

- Wake up (hopefully by 7 am - gosh I love sleeping too much man.. anyone else?) & wash my face
- Eat breakfast: usually 45g Jordans Super Berry Granola + 5g Kellogg's All-Bran Original + 1 banana + frozen blueberries on top + milk (Yes I weigh my food eheh ^^") / If I'm feeling very hungry or I know I'll be eating lunch late, I'll eat some omelette and rice with sriracha mmm
- Drink black coffee with a sprinkle of sugar: I turn into a zombie if I don't have some caffeine XD
- Brush my teeth, get dressed and do my makeup:

Since I'm just going to uni, I keep my makeup quick & simple ^^
Moisturiser: Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask (I normally use Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cream but I finished it :c)
BB Cushion: Laneige BB Cushion (Natural Beige)
Concealer: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer (#5)
Eye primer: MAC Cream Colour Base (Pearl)
Gel liner: Clio Gelpresso Gel Pencil Liners (Beige Shine & Dark Choco)
Eyebrows: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (Auburn)
Lips: Maybelline Baby Lips (Quenched) [BEST LIP BALM EVER] & Laneige Water Drop Tint (Hot Pink)
And if I have a bit of time & feel like looking extra nice-ish..
Blush: No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder (Coral Flush)
Highlighter: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (Soft & Gentle)

- Go to lectures & try not to fall asleep bahaha
- Eat lunch, usually at restaurants in uni or sometimes I meal prep
- On Thursdays, I volunteer at Oakleaf to teach IT skills to people with mental ill health
- Post silly snapchats throughout the day :'D

- Study in library ..while snacking on junk food eheh (c'mon, we all do it right? :P)
- Probably procrastinate: youtube, blog hopping, facebook, snapchat, instagram
- Eat dinner, at uni or home, depending on how much I have to study

- Relaaaxx at home: watch TV shows or youtube or read a book (currently reading Peace Is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh - I might write a review on this, IT'S SO GOOD & USEFUL)
- Do my skincare routine if I'm not lazy (which I usually am ahahah)
- Sleep! (my favourite part of the day, YAY)

How's a typical day in your life? Is it similar to mine? (It's probably way more interesting than mine right? XD) Feel free to share in the comments below :)

With love,


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  1. Haha, mine is probably about the same except I don't do volunteering work. I finish uni and then go back home and watch dramas, listen to music or do uni work >.< Students have the most boring life I swear, it's not all about nightlife and getting drunk all the time :P


    1. Ah yes I like listening to music too ^^ Yeahh our lives are so lame haha..

  2. Great post, looks like you spend your days in a wonderful way!
    Fashion Soup

  3. I don't think this sounds boring at all! Sounds more like you are extremely productive! This post brought me back to my uni days and made me think about how I spent my time. To be honest, I miss those library dates! At my college, even thought we were definitely doing work, going to the library was also a social opportunity for me and my friends to hang out and get work done. Lovely post!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Aw thank you so much! I love being in the library too, but mostly just to study haha cx

  4. at least you have something going on in your day. I have nothing at all besides sitting infront of my computer and sleeping.

    Dice, wildest-heart.net

    1. Those 2 things are the best tho :P

  5. My mornings start about the same as yours. Set alarm, hit snooze, hit snooze, hit snooze.. Sleep is good.

  6. Sounds like my first year at uni went- study, eat, sleep, repeat haha. Thanks for sharing your day!
    xo Kiki

    1. Hehe thanks for stopping by Kiki :)

  7. My work day is probably most uninteresting thing in my life. I try to get up (setting alarms 6a.m., 6:05 a.m., 6:10a.m. and 6:15a.m.) I usually get up at 6:20. Then drink my smoothie, dress up, skincare routine and then school. Go back home at around 3p.m., then eat, catch up with blog, answer comments, go through social media. Then do homework, study for a bit if needed and then spend time watching youtube, catching up with my family, reading online and sleep at 11 p.m. And repeat!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one setting multiple alarms XD Thanks for sharing your day! I wish I could sleep that early myself haha..

  8. Haha, I eat in the library too! Although it's not allowed...

    -Jannette | MERESSE