Pieces of Advice From My Grandpa That Will Change Your Life

Monday, February 22, 2016

*waves timidly* Hi guys, I'm still alive! XD Super sorry for disappearing for a month-ish. I was on holiday with my family during Christmas break and had exams in January. I think I'll be blogging here and there without much consistency because my main focus right now is to get good grades in uni. I'm applying to medical schools this year and preparing for my applications is gonna be CRAY CRAY. I hope you guys understand > < Anyways, hope you enjoy this blog post and find it useful!

My grandfather is the wisest and kindest person I know. He's super inspiring! I was so happy when he shared some of his wisdom to me a while back. I'd like to share them as I think these pieces of advice can benefit everyone and can change your life! :)

Grandpa is 178 cm tall and weighs 78 kilograms, which is a healthy, ideal weight. He's been at the same weight for over 30 years. OVER 30 YEARS. He is super healthy; no diseases, no medical conditions - which is really freakin' amazing for an 80 year old. So when he gave me these tips, I knew he knows what he's talking about.

 You need have discipline and self-control.
✦ Limit your sugar and fat intake because they're the main causes of many deadly diseases (especially for old people).
Suppose you overeat today, make up for it by lowering your overall intake the next few days/weeks.
✦ Exercise regularly. (Weight training + cardio)

1) You can't "buy" good health.
2) Others can't do it for you.
3) You have to do it yourself!

✦ No two people have the exact same opinions on everything, so there are bound to be disagreements and arguments.
When one person gets angry, the other one should stay calm and quiet. Let them cool down and then talk it out calmly.
Compromise. Meet each other halfway.
Tease him/her to make them laugh or pissed off sometimes to keep your relationship alive (my grandpa likes to tease my grandma so much haha, it's cute)

✦ Study and pursue a career that you love. Don't let anyone, not even your parents, force you to study/work on something you don't enjoy.
 It doesn't matter too much what you want to study and what job you're going to get, as long as you're a good person.
✦ Being a good person > being book smart

 Make 10, save 5. You need to save up, especially for paying (emergency) medical bills.
 Make 10, spend 11 and you'll be poor forever.
✦ You have to carefully plan your financial life - think about future house, bills, raising children + sending them to school etc. So start saving up!

With love,


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  1. Your granddad really knows how to give smart, helpful advice! This was really inspiring and helpful, thanks for sharing his words of wisdom. :-))

    Hannie Arden from missingwanderer.org.

    1. He'd be really happy to hear that! Thanks for stopping by Hannie <3

  2. Thanks for all the advices!! x

    Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  3. such wise advice! btw good luck with applications!


  4. awww this is a really nice post. I think maybe some people might take this advice for granted and people may think all these things are super easy to do but in fact they aren't .. you really need to work towards most of these pieces of advice! please say thankyou to your grandpa for me! :D

    1. You're absolutely right! They're really simple things but you have to stay focused to achieve them. Hehe will do :)

  5. thanks for this girl! your grandpa is sweet! :) My grandpa and I never really talk about this kind of stuff, so I don't have any wisdom from him.


    1. It's my pleasure! Aw that's alright, I wasn't that close with my other grandpa (dad's side) as well.

  6. Completely agree with most of these! I loled (and felt a bit hurt lol) with this one "Make 10, spend 11 and you'll be poor forever." ..because I AM poor right now exactly bec of this lol. Man I need to start reading and learning more about financial responsibilities before it's too late.

    Also need to keep in mind those health advices, they're on point!

    1. I understand you, I need to start saving up myself! XD Good luck to us hahahah...

  7. This is such lovely advice, our grandparents really are the wisest when it comes to life advice, they have been through so much. My grandma taught me all the names of the flowers and trees, I only know them thanks to her! I love your blog, now following on GFC! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. You're so right, it seems like the older they are, the wiser they get :P Aw that's really sweet of your grandma! She must be so knowledgeable about plants :o

  8. Your grandpa is one wise man! I love all of his life tips if I can call them like this. And don't worry about missing in blogging as education and your priorities are more important! Wish you the bets with all your work and future! :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  9. Your grandpa is one amazing individual. I'm going to save this one. Lots of good points here.


    1. Thanks Abby! Hope you'll find it helpful! :)