One Year and A Half

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Akash and I celebrated our one year and a half anniversary a few days ago (4 April, 2016)! We happily agreed to go dine at our fave Thai restaurant, Thai Terrace. The restaurant is so gorgeous and the food is just as amazing.

Since this is quite a big milestone in our relationship (like woah how did he deal with me for 18 whole months? Amazing.), it's time for some boyfriend appreciation! Warning: cheesy and sappy contents ahead :3

A Tuk Tuk!

My favourite things about him:
♥ He knows how to make me laugh, the kind of laugh that makes my tummy ache
♥ He's a great, great listener (bless him for being so patient when I rant about ridiculous things)
♥ Being a gentleman
♥ He takes good care of himself in terms of personal hygiene & appearance (not easy to find in guys nowadays! haha jk, kinda)

Little things he does that makes him oh-so-adorable & my heart melt:
♥ Breaking out into a dance out of nowhere (argh it's so cute I can't)
♥ Making sick beats by drumming his hands on his legs and/or random furniture
♥  Calling his mom in London every so often to catch up with her
♥ Always telling me to take care and watch out for cars on the road when I go out alone

I love & enjoy:
♥ Eating outside with him. We're both foodies and it's so great to eat with someone who's passionate about food as much as you are :P
♥ Going to gym with him. Even though he has his own workouts to do, he always make time to come help me if I need it and to check if my form is right
♥ Studying in the library with him. We both study better independently, so we're always on our own computers and don't talk much. But it's nice to have him close to me - to share snacks and of course, help each other with coursework/studies

How I've improved as a person ever since I met him:
♥ Became more confident. I've always struggled with my body image but he constantly reassures me that I'm beautiful, I'm enough. It took a while but he really boosted my self confidence and esteem. I can't thank him enough for this.
♥ Living a healthier lifestyle. He's been my motivation & inspiration to go to gym regularly and eat cleaner.
♥ Improved my fashion & style. Oh god, before I met him I had no sense of fashion whatsoever, haha. We go shopping together and he picks out clothes for me now XD

Pad kaprao kai (Spicy basil chicken) - our fave! / Raad na (Fried rice noodle + chicken) / Som tum (Spicy papaya salad) / Moo yang (Grilled marinated pork on skewers)

As cheesy as it sounds, my life has become infinity times better ever since he came into my life. He's not only my lover, he's my best friend, study buddy, swolemate, personal trainer, therapist, inspiration, everything. I feel so grateful to have him by my side and I can only hope that I make him at least half as happy as he makes me feel (which is super duper happy).

Happy 18 months, I love you Akash!

Also if you were wondering, yes we finished all that -delicious- Thai food (except for some Raad na which we took away). Our stomachs were about to explode haha and we pretty much rolled back to our homes afterwards.

7th floor Castle Car Park, Sydenham Road
Guildford, Surrey GU1 3RW
United Kingdom
♥ My rating: 5/5 ♥

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With love,


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  1. WAHH! this was such a sweet read <3 I love the photo where you were playing with your braids hihi I love watching you guys on your snapchat and I didn't know that he was the fashionista between the two of you ~ hihi

    My Passion Blog |

    1. Hehe thank you Bea! :') I'm glad you enjoy our snap stories! And yeshh he has way more 'swag' than me haha XD

  2. congratulations! how exciting for both of you to celebrate a year and a half together =o) the food looks amazing! also i know what you mean about finding a good guy with hygiene (my bf also takes care of himself nicely)

    1. Thank you so much! Yass the food was so nice :') I guess we're both lucky to have boyfriends who have good hygiene hehe :P

  3. Wow! Congratulations! And lovely looking restaurant!


  4. Congratz, you two! Wish you many more to go!

    Me and my boyfriend absolutely love Thai food so seeing those food photos made me hungry :)) Also, I remember riding tuk tuk when I visited Thailand a few years ago. It was super fast and scary but I has such a great memory!


    1. Thank you so much Jolie :'D That is fantastic, glad you made good memories in Thailand :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. He is a beautiful influence on you.
    I can totally relate to some of the points on how you improved except for living a healthy lifestyle, and the fashion.
    Congratulations for the both of you :)

    1. Thank youu Kandice! :3 It's so wonderful when your partner helps you improve as a person doesn't it? :')

  6. Really happy for you two and you two look adorable together!:D
    I can relate to so many things you wrote :3
    It's amazing when you find that person with whom it just idk fits?
    And everything is just like 100times better :3

    xoxo, Merce

    1. Thank you Merce <33 Yess I agree, it's such a beautiful thing to find your soulmate, I understand what you mean :')

  7. You look so blooming, but pretty as always Nana :) Awwe, congrats you guys! This is sweet.

    Lou |

    1. Aw thank you so much Lou, you cutiee <3

  8. This was super heart-warming and I hope you two will continue to support each other and be the other's happiness <3
    The food looks really good and the location lovely, by the way

    1. Awe thank you very much Yuku ;u; <3 Indeed, the restaurant and the food were amazing ^^