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Monday, July 11, 2016

Monthly Musings is a monthly series where I recap and muse upon the month's noteworthy events.

Hallo from Thailand~ I confess that I haven't been active in the blogging world the past few weeks because I wanted to spend as much as time as I can with Akash before I left to Thailand for summer holiday. We're in a long distance relationship again for ~3 months :c. I apologise for not commenting on your blog posts lately but I promise I'll get back into it soon! 

Anyways, welcome to the first instalment of Monthly Musings! Yes I know we're almost halfway into July but hey, better late than never right? Hahah. June was a month full of mixed emotions - from relief and excitement to being torn and heartbroken.

Library aesthetics

My study buddy, Akash :P

➥ Done with exams & second year!
Exams are over yass! This semester, I really enjoyed immunology & pathology and medicine. The subjects made me become deeply fascinated with human body mechanisms which are incredibly smart & interesting. The lecturers and their powerpoint slides were amazing which helped me to study really well. But analytical biochemistry & pharmacology? Not so much haha.

For the time first ever, I lost weight during exam season! *insert shocked emoji* (I normally get fluffier due to eating junk food while studying heh.) This time, I actually lost some weight because of meal prepping & eating healthy snacks like fruits instead of crisps. I also hit the gym at least once a week which is less than what I normally do (3x a week) but hey it worked :P I lost about 3-4 kgs, and went down a UK clothing size (yay!).

I can't believe I'll be in my final year soon, but I'm really looking forward to it. Time flies by soo fast.
➥ Lil' brother came for a visit
My little brother, who just finished his GCSEs in Oxford, came to have dinner with me. We ate at the new Thai restaurant called Thaikhun. Because we study in different cities, we rarely see each other so I was very happy to see him. We caught up on each other's lives while munching on delicious Thai food. We're both currently at home in Thailand. Our family is going on a road trip to numerous beaches soon, so keep an eye out for our adventures on my instagram (@arrada.jpg)! :)

➥ The EU Referendum
Brexit won and it's constantly all over the news, Facebook, Yik Yak, everywhere. I'm an international student so I couldn't vote nor do I have a strong opinion on this political affair. (Although I wasn't happy at all about the increased racist incidents right after the results came out.) I just wanted to mention it here because this is like history in the making right? The results are out, and we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Note: My boyfriend and I went on a few mini trips after exams. I'll be making a separate blog post for them or else this Monthly Musings will be too long haha!

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➥ R.I.P. Christina Grimmie  | Orlando Nightclub Shooting
My heart was shattered when I heard about both of these devastating news. I teared up multiple times that week. I'm still shocked and saddened by these tragic events.

Christina | I've been a fan of her since 2010 when she had that big puffy scene hair, making covers in her room. I remember buying her whole With Love album and listening to her songs over & over again. It's weird how someone whom you never met died and still affect you on a deep emotional level. This is so unfair. I cannot imagine how her family and friends feel; my heart goes out to them. R.I.P. Christina.. even though you're gone, your music will live on in our hearts.

Orlando Shooting | I was at lost for words when this happened. Each news about the victims after the shooting killed me a little more each time. A son who texted his mother in the bathroom "I'm gonna die", which he later did. I cannot imagine how they felt. That really, really messed me up. Instead of getting married, an engaged couple is having a joint funeral. 49 people were killed, making it the worst mass shooting in US recent history. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

Would this have happened if the US had banned guns like the UK and Australia? I don't know but I strongly feel that something needs to be changed. Too many innocent people are getting killed. I don't want to get too political, but this video sums up how I feel about the current US gun laws. The guy is a comedian, so even though his talk is funny, he speaks the real truth.

[ Watch: Part 1 / Part 2 ]

How was your June?
What are your thoughts on US gun control?

With love,

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