Guest Post | What Your Sleeping Position Say About You and Your Health

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The way you sleep may tell you a lot about your personality and affect your health more than you know, so think twice before sleeping in a particular position!

Most of us have one or two favorite positions that we fall asleep in and cannot be comfortable sleeping until and unless we are in that particular position. We all have our default preferences; you might like to sleep curled up like a baby, in the fetal position or, on your stomach with your face buried in the pillow. We all have our sleeping positions and they hold more meaning than we give them credit for.  We are all conscious of our body’s language and actions when we are awake but finding out that our subconscious sleeping posture gives away our personality trait secrets is…well…a little creepy!

According to an online article published on BBC Health in 2003, the sleeping position of a person gives significant insight into their personality and traits. The director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, Professor Chris Idzikowski analyzed the six most common sleeping positions and found a connection between the position and the traits of the individual.1 What’s most interesting is that the personality of the individual is often very different from what would be expected. Not only does the sleeping position tell us about an individual’s personality, it also affects health. So, here are the six most common sleeping positions and how they affect your health and what they say about your personality traits:

1. The Fetus

About 41% of the people who participated in Prof. Chris’s survey adopted this position while sleeping. In this position, the individual curls up like a foetus inside a womb on either side.

If you take on this position while sleeping, it means that you appear to be tough on the outside but inside, you are a sweetheart! People with this position are shy when they meet someone for the first time but begin to relax as they get to know them better. 

This is the healthiest position to sleep in because it really complements your spine’s curvature and helps bring relief from backaches. 

2. The Log

Nearly 15% of the participants took on this sleeping position. In this position, the sleeper sleeps on his/her side with their legs extended and their arms by his/her sides. This position seems stiff. 

If you sleep on your side with both of your arms down by your side, it means you are really gullible and trusting. You are also very easy going, enjoy life and, are pretty social. Loggers tend to gel well with the happening crowd!

This position puts strain on your neck and may cause neck stiffness and pain when you wake up. If you sleep in this position, try finding a comfortable thick pillow. 

3. The Yearner

The Yearners were 13% of the sample. This position involves sleeping on your side with both of your arms out in front of you and legs slightly bent. If you sleep in this position, don’t be surprised if someone mistakes you for a mummy!

If you sleep in this position, it most likely means that you have an open nature. You are slow in making decisions but stand by them once you make them. The Yearner snoozers can also be cynical and suspicious in nature at times.

Sleeping on your side does reduce the chances of you waking up from your slumber in the middle of the night but it also restricts blood flow and puts pressure on your shoulder. 

4. The Soldier

Around 8% of the individuals adopted this position. In this position, the sleeper lies straight on his/her back with both of his arms pinned on his/her sides, like a soldier standing at attention.

If you sleep in this position, you are most likely a very reserved and quiet person and don’t like to be bothered much. Also, you may tend to have very high standards. Nothing but the best impresses you. 

This position keeps the alignment of your head and back perfect. However, if you are a snorer, you should avoid this position as it could make the snoring worse by blocking your airways, and we don’t want that now do we?

5. The Freefall

7% of the people slept in this position. This position involves lying on your stomach with your head to the side and your arms wrapped around the pillow, holding on for dear life. 

Snoozers subscribing to the freefall position are playful, gregarious and open. But do not be deceived because even though they seem to be free-spirited, they are also secretly very anxious and likely to be control freaks!

This is the worst position to sleep in because it puts a lot of pressure on the chest and lungs. So if you sleep like this, you might want to consider making a conscious effort to change your sleeping position in the long run.

6. The Starfish

5% of the individuals slept in the Starfish position. It involves snoozing while lying on your back with both of your arms stretched out towards your head. 

These are the nicest friends you can get. And if you sleep in this position it means you are always ready to help others when asked and are a really good listener. But, you really don’t like to be the center of attention and try to keep a low profile, generally. 

Just like the Soldier position, sleeping in this position may cause snoring and sleep apnea. It can also cause discomfort in your shoulders.2

So, here ends the list of the most common types of sleeping positions and what they mean. The next time you are ready for a snooze, be vigilant, somebody might observe your sleeping position and try to figure you out!


About the author:
Ali Jan Qadir has always been fascinated about sleep. When he is not busy practicing it he likes to study and blog about sleep. He has a special interest in sleep positions and how they affect health. Check out this post on how your sleep position may be clogging your brain! Follow him on twitter @alijqadir if you love sleep too.


This was so interesting to read! Thank you to my guest, Ali Jan Qadir, for writing this intriguing post. Make sure to follow him on his twitter and blog for more things about sleep. Personally, my favourite sleeping positions are the fetus and soldier. The personality descriptions are mostly accurate for me, and I'm glad to know they're both healthy positions to sleep in, woohoo.

What is your favourite sleeping position? :)

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