I Have A Confession

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I suck at time management.

Yup, I do. It's the reason why I've been slacking on my blog and youtube channel, and I apologise for that. 🙏

But at least I got my priorities right? Ever since I got back to the UK in September, I've been working hard on my medical school applications - writing my personal statement and studying for an admission test, BMAT. Everything's done now and I'm just waiting for a response from the schools. *fingers crossed!*

Even though it was the right thing to do, I have neglected my social media - well except for instagram haha. If I had managed my time better, I think I could've published some blog posts and youtube videos.

Guys, I'm forever struggling with balancing my time for:
➥ going to lectures (1-7 hours per day)
➥ hitting the gym 3-4x a week (2-3 hours per day, including travel time)
➥ meal prepping healthy food once a week (3 hours - I make food for the whole week) - yeah I could eat in restaurants or order takeaways to save time, but they're usually unhealthy stuff and expensive, and your girl here is trying to eat a well-balanced diet and save money :') - I do eat outside once in a while though! Moderation is the key guys.
➥ keeping the house clean - washing dishes, washing/folding clothes & bed sheets, washing the bathroom, dusting furniture and mopping the floor (yo doing housework by myself makes me appreciate my mom and housekeepers back at home in Thailand even more.. housework just never ends??)
➥ getting enough sleep - I've been sleeping 5 hours per night, on average, which is not enough at all ehuehue
➥ doing coursework - I currently have 4 big deadlines coming up T.T
➥ working on my dissertation - yup, I'm in my final year of Biomedical Science degree and it's sorta kinda killing me :'D
➥ leisure time - youtube, reading blogs, instagram etc. (I need these to keep me sane xD)
➥ having a social life - lol jokes, I don't have one

And I procrastinate a lot so that doesn't help :')

I need to get my sh*t together, and squeeze in some time for my blog and youtube channel. Even though I haven't posted anything, I promise I have been planning so many exciting things. I've been wanting to start working on them, but just didn't have the time T.T

I respect everyone who can manage their time efficiently and get everything done. PLEASE TEACH ME YOUR SKILLS. I NEED HELP.

How do you manage your time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated (!!) Thank youu~

With love,

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