UPDATE (December 15, 2016)

I have moved to a new blog - musingful.com.

However, I'm keeping this original about page for memories.


Hey, I’m glad you’re here.

Welcome to my blog, Arraday, where you can find my musings about lifestyle, wellbeing, food and travel. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

The basics:
My nickname is Nana. I’m a 20ish-year-old girl, born and raised in Thailand, currently studying Biomedical Science in the UK. I’m a big lover of ramen (the authentic, fresh Japanese ones), bubble tea and R&B/soul music. I procrastinate a lot and really should stop doing it so much (like I should be studying right now, instead of writing this bio, heh..).

If I had to describe myself in 6-ish words:
Temperamental, introverted (INFJ type), sentimental
Curious, often sarcastic, a homebody

Interests & stuff:
♡ I’m passionate about good food, music, sleep and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
♡ I'm all about self-love, body positivity and all that good stuff.
♡ I enjoy practising and reading about Buddhism; I strive to live mindfully and consciously.
♡ I’m grateful to have a loving supportive family and boyfriend, Akash. I love them all dearly, they’re the best humans ever.
♡ I find the human mind and how it works really intriguing.
♡ I love reading dystopian novels. My faves include Divergent, The Hunger Games and Maze Runner trilogies.
♡ I'm a big fan of sci-fi/fantasy/animated films. My faves include Train To Busan, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Edge of Tomorrow and Inside Out.
♡ I express myself better in writing than in conversation. #foreversociallyawkwardandthatsokay
 - (okay, I just looked up why I'm like that and this pretty much explains everything, wow)
♡ Here are some of my favourite songs:

What is “Arraday”?
My first name is Arrada. Mix it with ‘a day in my life’ and we get ‘Arraday’. Woohoo.

The name is inspired by my passion for documenting my life and sharing my interests (the stuff above) on this blog, instagram and YouTube channel. I see these platforms as one big online journal, and they allow me to connect with people (awesome ones, like you) from around the world, which is pretty cool.